Jumat, 09 September 2011

That's A First

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Wow, this is the second time I realized something about this blog.

I viewed my blog again, to see my recent post. I read it again, and just look around for something to catch my eye. Trust me, something did. I noticed it, at my dashboard, but I thought it was just one of my friend who knew about this blog.

I have a follower?

This follower is a person that I do not recognize? Who is she? Why is she following this blog? Weird... I'm not saying that you can't follow this blog, but I found it weird. Someone who actually follow a blog that has a weird title and random posts, but it's fine. I'm quite happy.

Welcome, Sunshine!
Thanks for following and for the compliment. My English can sometime have errors, hahaha.

PS : I'm following your blog now, it seems wacky and fun!


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Hi, guys! It's been centuries since I updated. Okay, I exaggerated a little, it's not centuries, but it's still a long time..

Well, I don't know what to write actually. It's just something really dumb. I want to tell you this.

This blog's name is just weird.

I just realized it now. How come I picked that name for this blog? It's utterly stupid. I mean seriously? That's the best I got? That's the daring name I came up with? I'm usually good at making names, but this is just terrible. "A Not So Boring Blog"? What idiot came up with that? Me.

If you say it like that, then it's truly boring! Just looking at the title is not daring or interesting enough. When I say "Not So Boring", I mean very boring. This blog is all about what we think and random stuff, it truly is boring! People read blog if it's interesting or for the juicy gossip (also dumb by the way).

I'm just lying ti myself really. Not boring pffft- it's absolutely boring! Yet, people sometime like to read these kind of things. Sometimes, we put our secret in a blog for everyone to read. Why? I don't know. People love to know secrets and then gossip them to their friends. It's weird, you know? How people think and act. We write the one thing that cannot be uttered, and we don't care.

Also, there is a time when people tell their fights with their friends, boyfriend, or parents. They insult them, wanting the one being insulted read their blog and feel the guilt. What for? Is telling the public will solve anything? Will it help you gain sympathy? All you will gain is pity. For once, have you ever thought of the other party's feeling?

A blog is a way to express your inner thoughts, but there are limits. There are limits on how far you go with your blog. You just have to remember that.

Rabu, 25 Mei 2011

Mini Comic

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Ini nih,, kita mau kasih liat mini comic tentang Global Warming, Ingat! bukan Globlalisasi loh ...

ini just kidding aja kok :D

Get up!

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Don't think Globalization is all good and no bad? Think again! For you who's always thinking positively, start thinking negatively.

One of the negative effect of Globalization is the result of work space. If foreign people started coming to Indonesia, the work space which is already small grew smaller. There's a threat that foreign people who is more professional in their work taking all the work in Indonesia! Some of us doesn't have great education, causing low qualities.

Indonesia has a problem with the citizen's qualities. You see...we'll always feel threaten that foreign people will take over our country, but that is not an excuse!

I see there are many great Indonesians! Many have gone to many countries. Many have done something not anyone can do. I'm sure that everyone can be great. (Says the girl who's always pessimistic)

Source : brainstuck.com

The good thing about this is because it gives us more motivation (in which I hardly have). The feeling of rivalry is the best motivation you can get. You don't want to lose. You can show you're better self as you try and try and try. You should never give up on anything! "Get up and stand tall!" Here's a motto, an actual Globalization motto.

Easy Breezy

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Source : niponkambiong.blogspot.com

*Sigh in Content* This is the life! I'm just sitting here like the lazy pants I am. Because of all the technology here, I turned into a big lazy blob. This is the reason for my post "Lazy is not a Crime".

I read that the positive effects of globalization is We can get anything we want easily, but you still need money. In here I'm telling you the reason I wrote "Lazy is Not a Crime". I feel like it's not our fault. Our needs are fulfilled and it has exceeded my expectations. Since Globalization makes fulfilling our needs easier, I'm afraid it can turn people lazy.

Because of Globalization, we can have all the information we want in the internet. For us students, internet is a big help, seriously, a BIG help. We students have to search something, we can't find it in the books we read. That's where the sweet internet comes in. We can search what we want in Google. Peace of cake for us.

I'm grateful for the internet. We can trade information, get information faster than ever!


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Source : mungkondo.blogspot.com

I haven't told you guys what is Globalisasi haven't I? I'm really sorry. I'm stressed out all week.

Globalization is a process of interaction between, individuals, gorups, and countries. Serously... Globalization is worth everything. When I first heard of it... I thought it was about Global Warming and stuff... man... was I wrong!

The Global thing really turned me. Anyway. Shall we FINALLY discuss it? Yes.

With Globalization, I think it's feeling like a human being. I know we're humans, but humans can lose their humanity. Here it is! With Globalization we can communicate and hang out with other people. Our country is also nowhere with Globalization.

Indonesia has had many wonderful technologies from many countries. Maybe... I f we don't have those technologies... we would be lonely, depressed, and maybe shun ourselves from the real world. Look at me!I can type this post with the help of technology from other countries! I've felt secure for all this time because of Globalization, I guess. I'm happy because I learn many thing from technologies (from other countries). I can imagine things, think outside the box. You can say, those posts before... it's like my result on Globalization. Many would think it's all about the tech. Well, they're kind of true. Hahaha.

Positive effects : 1. We have many imported items from around the world
Negative effects : 1. We also have to export our items too, but it's hard because there's so many competitions.

Source: vennd09.wordpress.com

This is the 1st post about Globalization! Theme? Technology!

Very Glad!

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I'm very glad! I'm glad I'm in Yogyakarta! You know why? Guess? If you guess because of tourist spots... WRONG! You guess wrong!

Several reason I like Yogya. It's not the capital! Capital is... well, it's no fun. Very crowded and sometimes too many problems. I like Yogyakarta because it's very peace, and maybe friendly. I know a lot of nice people here. Also I don't like a certain man there.

Yogya is also the place of the great MERAPI! I was kind of excited and scared. You have to admit it was exciting! What I hate about the situation is the people's ego. I watched in the news. People many got killed to get money or meat. Being trampled.... I hate it. Come on! When we're in a crisis, we should have helped each other. Not go stealing everyone's properties.

I'm amazed with the Japanese. They had a bigger crisis than in Yogya's, but they manage to get up so fast. They helped each other. That's what Yogya need.

It's also good that Yogya is a special region. I don't want it's title taken away, and I would probably hate the one who would take away Yogya's title. I'll go berserk. Seriously. Throw in prison, but don't take Yogya's title away. It's a very important culture to us who live in Yogya.
It's a big deal. I'm glad I got to live in Yogya. It's fun!